Minor update BIG2!

Minor update. New version 1.3.0 includes:

  • Portuguese language added.
  • Players that automatically must pass are shown on the table to throw a pass.
  • When a player is colluding with another player (making the other player win) by not blocking but playing a lower card than possible the player pays all credits lost by the other players. Shortage of credits are paid through XP points. 
  • Less dramatic graphics in the center of the screen for better visibility and overall cleaner look.
  • Button pass and play are playable also after having been AFK (patch).
  • Ability to play counter clockwise added (settings).
  • Turn card effects (trailing of cards) on/off added (settings).
  • Overall speed of the game has been made faster (faster laying down of cards).
  • Clocks for cards are placed before cards so as to not be shown under the camera of mobile phones.
  • Leaderboard is scrollable.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Version compatibility check between client and server.

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