New Game

An old boardgame that I had programmed in the past in flash I have now created using Gdevelop. I am getting more acquainted with the game engine and like to work with it very much. This game I called father and son. It is a simple board game. A tile is randomly chosen from among 22. The AI..

Bug Fixed

Wow I discovered the culprit I was hunting for so long. I never quit could figure out why the program would not communicate with the server anymore after a game was played. Well it seems like I still am getting used to the whole object oriented programming deal after all these years. But finally I discovered the mistake..


I added a tutorial to the game. I hope that it will aid in understanding the simple rules of the game. It took me more time than I would have expected but I am happy it is available now. I will focus more on the google play store as play platform because the web versions do not create..


Couldn’t leave it alone yet. There were a few bugs in the game that I really wanted to solve and a new update has been released to the Google play store and the web. I still have a bug that when one returns from a game to the Lobby it takes a ridiculous long time before it starts..


I am at a impasse. I believe it is best for now to leave the board game elements online rest for a while. It has more features than I expected to build and it took me three months less to than I had estimated. I would like to build a new project and had a very nice request..