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This website contains games developed with love. It started out a little while ago as a challenge. I had created the board game elements and thought it would be a good way to get other people interested to play if the game was available on mobile. I set out to develop it myself and thought it would take me at least half a year to complete. A half year later I have made three games that are all available in the Google Play store. Now I see that even that does not necessarily mean people want to play it. Which needless to say I find a pity because I am sure you come to love especially Elements Online once you start to see the enormous depth and potential the game has. With a few simple rules the game starts out easy enough but ends in chaos if you lose count so to speak. Still it is early in its development and am searching therefore for early adapters first. And a few we have already. But we would welcome competition very much. So try it out and hopefully we see each other in the lobby sometime.

Elements Online the boardgame (The orginal boardgame that made me start developing a game for mobile. For two or four players online only).

Father and Son (A game you can play online against others or the CPU to train your memory)

100 BOBOS (A single player game for the in between moments)

Elements Online the board game. Fun for young and old.

If you begin playing it is recommended to start with a friend that has also never played the game before. It makes the learning curve most natural and the whole game is designed to be experienced in that way. Gradually you will find out that the tactics of the game run much deeper than you would expect in the beginning. Would you play the game against a seasoned player you would have a far more difficult time figuring out all the kinds of strategies one can use. Some of them I assure you simply mental. Also if you start with a friend you are sure to find someone in the lobby to play with. Happy gaming