Elements Online

This is the game that made me want to develop a game for the mobile phone in the first place. Elements online is a play on the elements that make up our reality. You play against one or three other players. The board represents the aether space. The fruit of life. Your task is to defend your element. Take out the others. And rig the game in your favor by aligning your element next to the multipliers that multiply your element positively. The rules are simple but the strategy become very complex the longer you play. As this game is developed for mobile phone the keyboard on your pc will not work. Enter your email. The password you want to use and your desired game name by using your mouse on the keyboard provided. Then click create account. This will bring you to the tutorial of the game. Now enter the lobby and play against others. It is best to start playing the game with someone else. It is hard to find people in the lobby by change because they are most of the time playing the game already and then you will not see them in the lobby.
Download from the google playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=elements.online.v040&gl=NL