This website is a start of something new for me. Without clinging to the past (which only holds one back) I decided to start a new adventure. Game development. It started not so long ago yet and am curious to find out where it will take me. It is far more difficult in some aspects than I initially would’ve guessed but I am very happy with where I am at now. So what is it about. I believe personally it is about what all things in life are about. Connection. I hope through these games to connect with you. The player. The early adapter. The critic. The contributor. And all others alike.

I hope in the end that you will like to play the games just as much as I have had developing them. I grew up with all sorts of different games. Some of them have inspired me already to create a virtual counter part. I am very much open for collaborations and if you have a job then I am always open to listen to the offer. Please email me simply at : remonvs@gmail.com.

I try not only to keep things stupid simple but also want to make things even simpler if possible. Keep in touch!