Two Big updates

It has been a while since I posted something but behind the scenes we’ve been working hard. I am glad to be able to announce the new update for Big Two has been rolled out. The economy of the game is better now that credits are not used as an ante anymore. Instead every game, one can now win or lose experience points which are used as an ante for every game also. For now the rules are very simple:

One hundred experience points are virtually equivalent to one credit. This means that even though one can have less credits than another player you can still rank higher in the leader board if you have a much higher experience. This is only fair to those that play more often and are thus more experienced. When you lost all your credits and have less than forty left you will have to wait twenty four hours to have it automatically be recharged up to eighty credits. The credits are paid with experience points in that case. Every credit given will deduct one hundred XP.

The other update is that the game has now three happy hours every day. During these hours one does not pay any ante at all and thus is more likely to gain XP more easily. Next to these updates we have also found time to make a few fixes that were necessary to do. I hope you will enjoy playing Big Two even more now and would love to hear your comments and ideas to make the game even better.

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