Amazing Maze in the play store

YES!. I finally finished the project I started doing before we decided to make BIG Two. Amazing Maze is now available in the google play store. It is playable on devices that have sensor capability i.e. Beta and Gamma directional recognition. Which is all mobiles and pads.

The object of the game is to bring the pink and the blue ball together. There is no exit in these mazes. Many do not know about the right or left hand rule that will make you able to solve any maze in no time. If upon entering a maze, one immediately puts out one’s right hand, touches the entryway wall and then faithfully follows the right wall, the exit will be found without fail. But even if you do you know you can not solve these mazes like that. That is why they are amazing. There are electric fences, teleportation pads and sliding doors that will make the puzzle far more interesting than your ordinary maze. It will be amazing.

You can download it from the google play store here :

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