BIG2 New update

The new BIG 2 game is now live. We have programmed tons of new features for you and hope you will like to play a round or two with us. There is now a leader board and thus the game becomes more competitive. Every new registered user gets automatically 200 credits. When you drop below 40 credits it will be replenished 24 hours later to 80 credits automatically. Let us know what your ideas are about the new game and what things you would like to see added to it.

I hope to see your name soon on the leader board too. New table management assures that you will always will be seated with available players and for a moment there are no players available the seats will be automatically occupied by a bot. This is what we coined as : “Play while wait”. Normally for a multiplayer game like this you will have to wait until there are enough people to start a table. This is not the case anymore. Your waiting time is limited to 30 seconds. That means you will never have to wait longer than 30 seconds to start playing. And as soon as others join they will be automatically redirected to your table replacing the bots. That is WOW!. We have combined an arcade playing experience with multiplayer online and kept best of both worlds.

See you soon at BIG TWO!


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