BIG2 Early access

We have been working hard on the new multiplayer card game called Big2. A game I like to play very much. The new version that is planned to launch this weekend will be very special. The idea is that you will always be able to play even if you have to wait on other players. This is done through the help of bots that will occupy seats whenever they are empty. We have already implemented the leader board, mail confirmation, resetting passwords and a whole lot of graphical user interface additions.

We know the game is very popular in Asia but it should not be hard to understand for the rest of the world why that is once you play the game. The rules are explained very well at this site who was so gracious as to link also to our game.

This means we are going out of the Alpha/Beta of development and are nearly finished with the working game according to the framework we started out with. Now it is up to you players. Let us know what you would like to see changed or added. Report us bugs if you find one. Your voice matters a lot to us.

Get a royal flush with Big2 Poker.

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