Update for 100 BOBOS

I have worked hard the last couple of days to update and upgrade 100 BOBOS. There where still a few things that bugged me. One of them being that on different mobiles the game did not always fully filled the screen. Now the game will fit different resolutions much better because I finally figured out how to adapt the game to different screen sizes. This makes sure the experience will always be the same no matter what android mobile device you are playing the game on. Also making it possible to swipe through the levels, pause the game, as well as a new explanation of the game under rules and some aesthetic work was done to make it an even better experience.

Creating computer games is not my first choice of work. But because of governmental restriction I can for now at least say that I have a lot of fun doing this instead of the work I used to do. It could have been much worse. I am learning every day and was occupied with other work the last couple of months but now I am back to build the games better and finish projects I started. I hope you like playing my games. If so please tell others and share this site and even better the Google Play store links to the game.

If you have any good ideas for a game or always wanted your own game made but did not know where to start then do not hesitate to contact me. I am always on the lookout for collaborations.

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