Level 98

I am at level 98 now. Almost finished all the levels of 100 BOBOS myself. And I am glad that only now people are starting to download the game because I did find some minor but annoying bugs in the game. This level is I believe one of the hardest to get through. You need to collect 420 BOBOS in 240 seconds. I managed to get as far as to have only 36 BOBOS left but it was not enough. Time was up. Fortunately I was able to watch an Ad as reward. But in my program I forgot to reset the timer after the reward was received. So I went through 30 seconds of agony for nothing because it was still game over. O yes there is Ads in the game. It is the only source of income I have at this moment from assets I have build the last couple of months. And I am glad you understand.

Now I am back to trying to win the last two levels of 100 BOBOS. Do me a favor. Download the game. And beat me. I have 80370 point at this moment. Download it in the playstore at : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=semaggames.elements.physics&gl=NL

Level 98 of 100 BOBOS. Downlaod it from the playstore.

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