Some days feel more inspired than others. It is simply so. I set out half a year ago to develop the board game elements I have created. I thought it would take me at least half a year to fully get it working on the mobile platform and was even skeptical about that time line. I thought it would be much harder. Now six months later I have three games already in the Google Playstore. That is what feeling inspired can do. I did not think about what to do after I would have created the games. Now I see that marketing and getting people to play the game is a challenge in itself. One that might be taking longer than the development. But I believe that we get inspiration from each other. People inspire people. Thus I need your feedback. What do you think about the games. What can be improved. What kind of game would you like to play on the mobile?

Today I feel inspired to listen to comments, seek advice and work on the projects to make them better. I feel inspired to find a job.

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