100 BOBOS is the third game I developed on this website. It taught me a lot about the possibilities with the Gdevelop game engine. Besides a great free to use game engine I game to discover that it has a great community too. Asking questions on the forum are mostly answered within minutes sometimes by programmers on which shoulder these games rest.

Soon I hope to be implementing a descending order in the elements online board game. Waiting on some implementation that need to be done within Gdevelop that hopefully make query on the google Firebase possible. And so there are more little things that I would like to improve in the games. But the best feedback I have gotten is not from myself but from the ones that are the early adopters of the games. Thanks to all of you the game becomes better every day.

Rating these games positively in the play store makes it all worthwhile to keep on doing what it is I am doing. So if you do not mind help out by giving a rating then your minute of time is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Click and collect smart. Destroy them when needed. Download fro free now! 100 BOBOS. Google Playstore
100 BOBOS Click and collect smart. Destroy them when needed.

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