Father and Son

I have started my third project in Gdevelop. I finished Father and Son and am still implementing feedback I got from reviewers and players to make the game better. It is great to get response from players and am hoping more and more will come to enjoy the game. It was the first game that I made single player. The first request that I got was : “This would be awesome to play against friends”. And so I made it multiplayer too. Now I am working on a game called 100BOBOS . If you click on the link you can play a preview of it. I would love to hear your comments on it very soon. I would like to release this game in the play store as soon as I have made enough levels. I think about 100 would suffice for now. At this moment there are only 20 you can play. But go ahead and try it out.

Download it from the Playstore here

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