New Game

An old boardgame that I had programmed in the past in flash I have now created using Gdevelop. I am getting more acquainted with the game engine and like to work with it very much. This game I called father and son. It is a simple board game. A tile is randomly chosen from among 22. The AI of father can see the tile beforehand and thus cheats a little and is the more difficult opponent to beat. The son AI can not do such a thing and plays fair. I would like to make the AI of the son a little stronger in the future as it still does some weird moves in particular situations. It is my second game for the mobile android platform and the first that can be played against the computer. I hope people will like the game as much as I do. Even though I still need to beat the father AI myself. You can play the game for free on this website.

Thanks for following my work. If there is a board game or another idea you would like to see programmed for mobile phone then please email me with your idea.

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