I am at a impasse. I believe it is best for now to leave the board game elements online rest for a while. It has more features than I expected to build and it took me three months less to than I had estimated. I would like to build a new project and had a very nice request via Fiver. The cost of building and programming a game even though one can use a game engine seems to be underestimated though. However simple a game might be it still takes time to properly build. I have now experience with the platform Gdevelop but there are so many different aspects to another game that the learning curve is about the same as development of the last game. It is easy enough to copy and paste but that is not the case when it comes to creating games. The most difficult thing I feel is building the framework of the game itself. For elements I had done this already a while ago when I created the physical board game. What is the object of the game? What are the rules? The deadlock I am in is that I seem to have simply to many possibilities. Creating something simple and yet entertaining to play is not an easy task. What will break the impasse? Time! As always. Things take time. And patience is a virtue I am still in the process of acquiring too. Lets get creative.

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