Two Player Game

Elements Online can now also be played with two players instead of four. It makes the game hopefully more accessible to more people. Simply download the game from the Google PlayStore or play it in your browser on this site or at GameJolt. Even though a game development platform like Gdevelop makes it a lot easier to create a game it is still challenging to get all the bugs out. Also I wanted to make this board game and Gdevelop is more oriented towards platform games I feel. The disadvantage being in Gdevelop that you can not work with arrays. A board game naturally I would have programmed with an array. But the advantage of not being able to use arrays is that the game is far more modular than it would have been if I had been using arrays. Because all is object oriented the creation of a new board is now simple and the logic code behind it does not need to be changed at all.

I still have trouble with the MQTT server when connections come from a Firefox browser and this has to do with a bug in the websockets library in combination with ssh between Firefox and the server. I would need to recompile the server to see if it would fix it and find it not worth the time for now. Because it would also mean to downgrade to another library.

I would like the game to have an user database and login for users. A leader board would be a good addition to the game I believe. Unfortunately I will as it seems now have to use MySql and PHP to create this. Both languages I have no experience with whatsoever. It was my wish to have this game I created a few years ago playable as an online multiplayer game and that wish came true. My goal is to have one hundred players that downloaded the game from the AppStore, get feedback and make the game better.

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