I am a new website. I have been on the digital highway for a while and thought it would be good to make a fresh start. A few years ago I had the idea to make a board game and always wanted to see it realized as an online game as well. It took me a while to figure out how but finally the game is here. Thanks to a great free game engine called Gdevelop. It has been a while since I have programmed. In a past life I used to be an AS400 system administrator. Now I am unemployed. Due to the circumstances in the world my job as a full time performing magician which I had been dong the last decade and a half has come to a stand still. I am still making new illusions and working on material but sitting still at home afterwards is not really my thing. So I picked up programming again until humanity has come back to its senses.

That was not sarcasm or a pun. First of all I write the blog in English even though my native tongue is Dutch. Why? Simply because I can reach more people that way. Maybe in the future I will also write some blog post in Dutch. Maybe not. It is not that I do not love writing. I write with pen and paper a lot. And have filled quite a few books. Never found a audience for it. Never searched for it. I have been on social media on and off and now have come to see that it will be off from now on. I keep my writings on my homepage. It will have to do. I have seen many people being banned from platforms simply because they’re opinion or rhetoric is not wanted. All social media is political and spiritual in the end and have an agenda. On my website I can write whatever I want without having to worry if I am to offend anyone that is behind the platform I am on.

I like to keep it primordially/platonic as much as possible. Tell stories. Play games. Discover and learn. At the moment I am studying the Greek language instead of keeping busy with who knows how many different social media platforms there are now. I believe it is time more well spent. Elements is a game that was inspired by a search to how the natural elements relate to each other. The geometry of the primordial elements and their natural interactions are to me one of the most beautiful things to see. For now I hope you will come to my website to play the game elements online. And who knows we might meet in game one day. If you find any bugs or have comments about the game please feel free to sent me an email at :

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