How to get your board game in the Google Play store.

It is not easy to gain a user base for your newly created board game. Making an electronic version that can be downloaded from the play store is a perfect way of making it easily accessible to everyone. I decided to do it myself a while ago and came across the Gdevelop engine. A game engine that is open source and free to use for all. It makes the development process a lot easier but still it will not be automatic. It can look like a very daunting task to someone that has no experience with programming. And just like creating a board game it is an art.

If you have created a board game or are a company that want their board game available online I will gladly help to make it happen. I have experience using the platform and more importantly to make it available for multiplayer. Table top games are best played with and against other players. As soon as we make a CPU the opponent it loses most often its charm. I have experience setting up the necessary servers to make multiplayer possible as well as the knowledge to make the game communicate with it efficiently. And so if you always have wished to have your game available in for example the Google Play store or on your own website then sent me an email at : I am sure that together we can create a very beautiful product.