Ray Joël Acting & Art.

Name: Ray Joël. Tel: +31651883022. mail: remonvs@gmail.com

In a vast sea of oysters, a natural pearl is a rare find. And discovering one that is flawlessly round is even more extraordinary. For decades, I have been collecting pearls of acts and art, captivating illusions, and bewildering phenomena that have stirred my every perception. Exploring the way humans perceive the world has been the driving force behind my discoveries and creations. By stumbling upon my website, you have now found these pearls too, which I am delighted to share with you. Whether up close and personal or on stage, my aim is to leave audiences awestruck, whether through laughter or astonishment. While most seek entertainment, only a select few are willing to have their thoughts provoked. It may sound audacious to claim such a feat, but let me assure you that I do not guarantee thought-provoking material. Instead, I strive to offer my very best and deliver the most exceptional acts to please you.

Elevate your event with mesmerizing illusions! I am deeply grateful to offer a range of captivating performances tailored to your needs. Experience the enchantment of close-up entertainment, an engaging one-hour stand-up show, or the talent of a seasoned actor. With over 15 years of full-time experience as a dedicated illusionist, I bring a wealth of expertise and an awe-inspiring presence to every performance. Additionally, I am honored to work as an actor at the prestigious Amsterdam Dungeon. Delight your audience and create lasting memories with my spellbinding presence.

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