Provide enough unique content

It seems I do not provide enough unique content. When it comes to selling out one would think it would be an easy thing to do. But nothing can be further from the truth than that. So this is the second time I have been rejected by adsense from Google to put advertisement on my platform. And in the mail of them is already written that the reason for it is obscured. I do not believe this website has a very high traffic rate. I wished it was like that no doubt. But perhaps this is simply a sign that the work here is not finished yet. That perhaps it is a good thing that you can not read any advertisements. What would you like to read about? What kind of content would you want to find on a website like this? Maybe we can create it together. If you arrived at this blog. Just remember. It was not an accident.

It will eventually perhaps be enough. But one thing is sure. The content on this website is all unique. It is all me.

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